Frequently asked questions

Q. How much will private healthcare cost our organisation?

A. Policies can be tailored to suit your budget.  Premiums will depend on the level of cover being chosen and whether it is a new or existing policy.  Employee age demographics, location and claims history are all factors that can also impact on premiums together with the underwriting criteria.  Enhanced Employee Benefits will advise you accordingly working with you to ensure right fit solutions, whilst negotiating premiums on your behalf.

Q. Does the cost go up year on year?

A. Renewal premiums are subject to claims, age and medical inflation related factors.  However, Enhanced Employee Benefits review schemes at each renewal , negotiating premiums on our clients’ behalf to ensure they remain cost effective.  We will always review the whole of the health insurance market at each renewal.

Q. Does it cost our organisation more to use a broker than going direct to the insurer?

A. In short, no.  Your premium will not cost more by using Enhanced Employee Benefits as your broker.   In fact, you could pay less as we bring expertise of the whole market and can negotiate your premiums on your behalf.  Letting us do all the hard work will also save you precious time.

Q. Can I change insurers through Enhanced Employee Benefits?

A. Factors around transferring your scheme will be dependant upon your claims history, as each insurer has its own medical transfer criteria.  Where your policy allows a transfer then Enhanced Employee Benefits will work closely with you and our insurer partners to manage the transfer seamlessly.  We are also completely independent and are therefore whole of market and therefore able to provide you with expert impartial and unbiased advice.

Q. Can my employees receive treatment for pre-existing conditions?

A. This is dependent upon the type underwriting your scheme is set up with.  We would be happy to discuss the different types of underwriting and whether there are options to make beneficial changes to your scheme.

Q. I already work with a broker and was considering a change, but is this possible?

A.    You are free to choose whichever broker you would like to work with.  Your contract for your scheme is with the insurer and is therefore not affected.

It’s a straightforward process for us to be appointed to your policy and be your trusted partner.  Should you choose to appoint Enhanced Employee Benefits, we appreciate that it is important to have a broker that you can fully trust and one that will work with you closely, to ensure you have the optimum value for money versus benefit spend.

Please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to have a no obligation discussion with you….