Meeting your needs

Enhanced Employee Benefits Ltd was established from over twenty years’ experience within the employee benefits sector spanning a broad range of organisations from all market sectors that fall into both SME through to large corporate.

Enhanced Employee Benefits was formed on the principles of establishing strong relationships with clients and working closely with them to understand their business objectives and their challenges.   As a result, Enhanced Employee Benefits prides itself on being able to adopt a fresh, more forward-thinking and agile approach to the health and wellbeing of employees whilst maintaining a robust level of service across a multitude of sectors and organisations regardless of their size.


Delivering programmes that are aligned to your business objectives

Working closely with your organisation, we aim to understand your objectives to help you in achieving the most appropriate solution concerning the health and wellbeing of your personnel, both from a financial and benefits perspective.

We work across the whole of the market to make sure that your organisation has the complete flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that we will find the most appropriate solution for you.  We offer you true ownership and control over your organisational wellbeing, together with the personal and financial wellbeing of your workforce.

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Private Medical Insurance for Companies and Individuals

Making sure your employees and their families have access to medical treatment quickly has never been so important.  The pandemic continues to place huge pressure on the NHS having a major impact on NHS waiting times for treatment.  This also means that even getting to see a GP can often be a real challenge in itself.  Our expertise means that we can work closely with you to design the most appropriate benefits versus budget.  We work with the whole of the market and are therefore able to present the most approapriate options for you.

Life Insurance for Companies and Individuals

Making sure that your employees family are financially secure should they die unexpectedly is a prudent step.  Life cover will give those they leave behind a tax free lump sum to make sure they are financially protected.

In additionto life insurance many companies now offer additional benefits at only a small additional cost.  These can provide cover for things like fracture cover (if a member breaks a bone as defined in the policy they can receive a small pay out).  This cover is extremely helpful particularly for those that play lots of sports or if their job requires manual labour.  Other benefits include ‘support packages’ which could help loved ones through difficulty times such as Royal London’s Helping Hand; AIG’s Smart Health and AEGON’s Health Assured.  

Critical Illness Insurance for Companies and Individuals

Recent facts in the UK state that 1 in 3 of us will get a critical illness in our lifetime. We often oversee the importance of this product and the attitude ‘that won’t happen to me’ generally applies. Critical Illness Insurance provides cover should employees or their family contract an early critical illness as defined in the policy. This type of insurance will cover a range of illnesses and some insurers will provide cover for 40+ illnesses. Many life and critical illness insurance companies offer additional benefits such as AVIVAs Global Treatment which will provide access to latest treatment at a hospital abroad even if the treatment isn’t available in the UK.  This type of cover will also pay for accommodation together with a companion to a hospital of the members choice.

The importance of critical illness cover is that the insurance pays out on diagnosis, so members may get cured from the illness due to technological advances but will still receive a lump sum pay out.

The most commonly claimed critical illnesses are: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Children’s Critical Illness and Multiple Sclerosis. Cancer Research now states that 1 in 2 of us will get a form of cancer in their lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want to cover critical illness?

Income Protection for Companies and Individuals

Knowing that your employees employment might be affected by a future illness (whether critical or not), at least means your employees can make plans that can safeguard their financial security should they suddenly find themselves unable to work resulting in a long term period of absence from work.

Shareholder protection and key employee protection

Business Protection: There are various types of business protection, this includes relevant life, shareholder protection, group protection, group income protection and executive income protection. All this can be complicated and getting the right business protection can benefit your company in a number of ways, such as tax benefits attached to business protection.  Enhanced Employee Benefits Ltd have expert advisers who specialise in business protection and we can get the right cover for you and your business.

Commercial Insurance: Liability insurance for commercial properties is a necessity, you need to protect your assets and defend any claims against you by the general public for negligence. We offer a range of products to help achieve your goals and protect what’s important to your business. So whether you are a salon, a builder, or a restaurant then Enhanced Employee Benefits Ltd is the right broker to speak to for your  commercial insurance needs.